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Is NSHSS real?

I got an email from the national society of high school scholars (NSHSS) and after looking it up I have some doubts. Is it a scam? If it’s not really prestigious and won’t help with college admissions should I still do it?


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• 5 months ago

Unfortunately, NSHSS is a bit of a scam. Well scam is a harsh word because it is a legitimate organization, but it sends invitations to tens of thousands of high school students based on a very generous PSAT/SAT cutoff and tries to get kids to pay money for membership. Because it’s not competitive at all and more a signal that you can pay money, it doesn’t add any value to your admissions profile and won’t improve your chances anywhere.

NHS through your school is a much better honor society to associate with because it’s actually fairly competitive, based on real merit, and doesn’t require you to pay for anything (which is usually a sign that something is not competitive).


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