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Knowing more about School system and grading system used here.

I am a 12th class student from India and want to apply for colleges in US. I have come here to know my chances of being selected. I was filling my info in GPA section but I don't understand the system very well , like what is AP/IB? or Honors? etc. as we don't have these kind of courses here in India ( at least not where I live) and I also don't know about junior, sophomore, senior etc. as in India these terms are not used, we simply say "you are in 12th class" and then directly into college for bachelor's. Kindly help me understand these things so that I can judge them according to my country and fill the information.

Thank you

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Hey @Mauli!

Thank you for reaching out about this! While CollegeVine's guidance platform is primarily intended for prospective students interested in attending US schools, we certainly understand the need for our international users to better understand the US grading system.

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are a set of standardized college-level courses that range in several diffrent subjects from Calculus, History or Biology to name a few. Students who complete an AP course can take an AP exam to earn college credit or place out of entry level classes in college.

International Baccalaureate (IB) program, on the other hand, offers a more rigorous standardized curricula usually available only to 11th and 12th graders, requiring students to complete extensive projects and research. Similar to AP, students who complete an IB course will take an exam to earn college credit. While this particular program type may not be available to students in India, universities can still determine course rigor and difficulty based on their individual assessment methods.

I hope this helps! I've also shared a few resources below with guides on international admissions and info on AP/IB courses.




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