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What are good affordable unis, or unis which offer great scholarships?

I’m from south east Asia and want to study abroad but have a financial barrier. I want to go to a good uni, not waste money on a degree which is not worth much, yet I have a tight budget. Unis which you would recommend?

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5 months ago

Hi there! I’ve been doing some research on that, and if you’re looking for prestige, the best value I could find is Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee. The average cost per year is 20k, but it could go even lower depending on your circumstances, I’ll attach the website if you’re interested.

Vanderbilt Scholarship Info: https://www.vanderbilt.edu/financialaid/docs/Fall2020Booklet.pdf

(P.S: this site is a simple overview, you can do some further finding if you’re interested :D)


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