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Hello, I am a final year student, my graduation will be in December before I start, the reason I want to study abroad is that my family is very toxic, one gets tired of always wanting to be the base that maintains balance I couldn't, now I'm looking for myself, they turned their back on me because I wanted to study acting, I've always done what they told me but never took my opinion into account.

An acting career here is not valid, there is no support, they wanted me to study architecture since most of my family are engineers, businessmen, and architects, I really would like to enter the USC School of cinematic art, I am international and I am lost, I have a few drafts regarding my essays but I wish someone could review it, please

Lost I am not completely lost, because I have

Account in:


-CSS profile (I know that since I am a foreigner I will not receive financial aid)

-Account in common app

I saw that SCA asks to upload a portfolio in Slideroom which I have no idea how to use it

GPA: 3.0

SAT I will give it in October or December because here in my country it is one of the few dates available

ACT I will give it in July

Could someone help me with the Common App, just a few doubts that I need to clear up, please


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6 months ago

Hey, I just saw this, Iḿ new to this as well but Iḿ sure I can be of some help. In what order can I help you? What questions can I answer first?


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