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I need adice for Hofstra. More details in description.

I want to go to Hofstra but it's expensive. I also want to dorm there but my parents are strict and they won't agree. How do I get the money for Hofstra and convince my parents within 2 years??? Help

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3 years ago

Have you calculated your net cost for Hofstra yet? Do you know what the gap will be from what they'll likely charge you and what you're able to pay? You can calculate your net cost in the financial section of your profile and then see a net cost for all schools in your school list: https://www.collegevine.com/profile/finances/intro-questions

Once you have a sense of what the net cost will be, it's useful to think about what the gap is for you personally. If the gap is only a few thousand dollars, you likely will be able to negotiate your aid package to make it work (or worst case, take a few thousand dollars in federal loans). If the cost difference is substantial, you'll need to think about securing a merit scholarship at Hofstra (which effectively means you need to ensure that Hofstra is a safety school for you). Any details you can share about what you expect the net cost to be and what you want to pay personally would help me give more specific advice.

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