7 months ago
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MIT for humanities only


I plan on majoring in political science and minoring in philosophy, history of art or linguistics. In every ranking MIT appears on the top positions to those subjects. However, I read a few opinions in a few foruns of people saying that it doesn't make sense to go to MIT to major only in humanities. They said that most people who get a humanities degree from MIT usually major in something within the exact sciences (from which MIT is most known for) as well, and that if you go to MIT to study only humanities, people will think that you're just not hardcore enough to take other subjects.

Would it make sense for me to apply to MIT considering what I want to study?

Thank you!


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7 months ago

The college you decide to attend should be based on how much you like the school as a whole by their programs, campus lifestyle, location, major options, and price to name the major ones. It sounds like you are only interested because they are high ranking in the areas of study you are interested in. I wouldn't trust forums, as you said it is just peoples opinions. If aside from rankings you are still interested in MIT I would apply. At the end of the day the prestige of your school isn't going to guarantee you a solid job if you don't put any work in.


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