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Would you get an advantage if you're a minority playing a fairly unique sport?

Thank you!

@Tatijana_Shockling6 months ago [edited]

I'm not sure about the fairly unique sport, but being a minority is an advantage as most colleges and universities are looking to make their campus diverse. I hope this helps!

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6 months ago

Probably will depend on the sport and how good you are at it. If you're really good and the schools you are applying to have that sport in some capacity it's possible you could get recruited or they might invest in trying to get you to go there a bit more.

If it's a sport that has a very limited following or you're average/slightly above average at it, or the schools you are applying to don't have that sport available then it probably won't be much of an advantage. It can look good on your application and be something unique but if the school doesn't hold the sport they aren't going to go the extra mile to try and get you to go there. That definitely doesn't mean you shouldn't continue to do the sport though!

I'm curious what sport it is, are you willing to share?


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