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Which application has the most amount chances for aid?

Hello I am a junior in Fairfax High School,VA and would like to ask:

Am I considered for more aid in the early action or the regular decision?

And how to know if a college is generous or not in giving aid?


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2 years ago

I believe I answered your second question on your other post here: https://www.collegevine.com/questions/1648/how-to-know-how-generous-is-the-college-for-giving-aid

(In the future, please don't make multiple posts with the same question on them).

As for Early Action vs. Regular Decision, no there shouldn't be a significant difference in your aid chances. Need-based aid should be exactly the same in both cases. For merit aid, more money might be available in Early Action and you may receive more from some schools, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to get aid in Regular Decision. Schools will usually dole things out in a proportional way.

However, Early Decision does significantly change your chances for merit aid, and makes it much, much less likely that you'll receive any merit aid at all. The reason for this is that merit aid is a recruitment tool, and schools aren't going to offer it to students who've already guaranteed that they'll attend.


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