4 months ago
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I haven't applied yet but they are requesting for interviews.

Hey! I'm an international student, so please do excuse the dumb question.

I'll be starting college in Fall 2022, and haven't applied to any colleges yet, but some of them have reached out and one of the colleges have requested an interview, although it's not compulsory, should I attend? If I don't attend does it put me at a disadvantage compared to the other students applying. Do colleges take note of who replies to their emails? Is demonstrated interest important?

Thank you so much (:


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4 months ago

First off It's not a dumb question. Don't doubt yourself if you have a question ask! :) But anyway, I think you should go as you can learn about the campus and teachers. It also shows that you are interested which gives you a slight advantage. And if a college has reached out to you, it means they have an interest in you. Even if you aren't aiming for that college it would be important to go.

I hope this helped, good luck!

4 months ago

Are you interested in the schools you are getting information from? Not to diminish from any of your accomplishments but it's very common for schools to send mailers to anyone who they think might be able to get in + who will attend their school.

If you're interested in going to the school which requested an interview you should definitely go. If you're kind-of interested in the school it still might make sense to go so you can learn more about it like @Tatijana_Shockling said. If you're not interested in the school then I wouldn't bother going.


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