2 years ago
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Are there any awards for activism?

I'm just finishing freshman year and my main extracurricular activity is activism (particularly in climate, gun reform, civic engagement, and menstrual equity). Are there any awards or honors surrounding this that anybody knows of? I think it'd be cool to add another tangible achievement of sorts to the resume. Thank you!


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2 years ago

I would look locally for organizations in your community that might recognize students for activism. Ask your counselor if you're aware of any that might have nomination periods open or would allow you to nominate yourself. As a freshman, it would be best to start at that level and then work your way up.

That said, I'm not sure awards in activism will be as useful as you might think—mainly because the point of activism shouldn't be receiving tangible rewards for doing it, right? An award or two might be cool to have on your resume but they shouldn't be a focus, and achievements like a successful initiative or program that you spearhead will be much more useful both to the people you're working for and on your college apps.


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