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Ok so I am very involved in local/state politics, lead a few state boards, but I would like to get some research under my belt in the poli sci/ir field to show my academic commitment to poli sci beyond school. Has anyone had luck getting research in social sciences and where did you look?

Also, a professor at my local university said, “I'm not currently looking for any additional research support, but I'd be happy to meet with you in the Fall term (October) once <school> resumes in-person learning.”

Does that mean he has something for me in the fall?


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7 months ago

Research opportunities are really difficult to come by for high school students, especially right now. While this article doesn't include specific opportunities it does offer some other programs you might want to look into: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-spend-your-summer-as-a-prospective-poli-sci-major/.

I think your best bet for research would probably be something like working for an advocacy group. Maybe you could use https://www.internships.com/app/search and see if there are any poli sci internships available near you? You're probably going to need to be persistent and apply to a bunch. You'll most likely get a lot of non-responses or even outright no's.

Finally, regarding what the professor said, I wouldn't take it as he has something lined up for you. More along the lines of "let's meet, chat about your interests and get to know you, and I'll see if I can find something for you" but I definitely wouldn't take it that you'll have something for sure in the Fall.


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