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How to fill the FAFSA without past tax returns?

I am new to the US and haven't filled any taxes in the previous years.

Can I fill the FAFSA without tax returns?

Will colleges give me aid without proof of my previous years' financial situation?


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2 years ago

If you're new to the US, are you a permanent resident? If you're here on an immigrant visa, colleges will consider you an international student and you would not be eligible for federal financial aid (and receiving aid from schools will also be significantly harder). If you're a permanent resident and have a green card, then you are eligible and should be able to fill out the FAFSA.

If you're eligible, studentaid.gov has a page that explains how to fill out the FAFSA without a tax return: https://withfrank.org/how-to-pay-for-college/how-do-i-apply/filling-out-fafsa/fill-fafsa-without-tax-return/. Colleges will give you aid based on whatever information you provide them, but they will need some kind of proof of what money your family has made in the past, what assets or savings you might have, and why you haven't filed any tax returns (being a recent immigrant would be a valid explanation, but as mentioned previously, you need a green card to be eligible for any federal financial aid).


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