4 months ago
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What are your tips for a self-motivated summer school?

I'm taking an 18-week geometry course in 2 months, and I'm not sure if this is even possible. I know this is something that I need to do to catch up, do you have any tips? Thank you guys so much!

@florencewalton4 months ago

First of all, you got this!!! When I am in need of motivation, I love watching youtube videos of other people being productive. You can simply look up "productive study/week vlog" or something similar and gain so much inspiration from watching somebody work hard! Pinterest is also super motivating. I also recommend getting up early and working on extra work or other tasks in the morning. Also, remember to take breaks so you don't have burnout.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@izziann4 months ago

Thank you, really :) It means a lot!

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4 months ago

I know some people that took geometry in 8ish weeks, and they were fine. It depends on what classes you are planning to take next, but when you move onto algebra II, you don't necessarily need a lot of what you learned in geometry.

For tips, Im not quite sure if you're self-studying or learning in an actual class (in person or remote).

If you are self-studying, make sure that you have a place to go if you have questions.

If you have an actual class, make sure to stay on top of your assignments and go through the material extensively and go through it even if you don't have homework that day.

Hope this helps :)))


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