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In my current school, there is absolutely no extracurricular that I can do while my family doesn't have an abundance of money. I really want to get into a prestigious school but, without good extracurriculars, I feel as if I don't have a chance. Does anyone have advice for extracurriculars I should do?

Thank you.

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Your high school sends a "school profile" that outlines available extracurriculars, sports, classes, etc. Therefore, you are not penalized by not having the options that others may have. Selective colleges will compare your participation to the opportunities that you were given. You can also use the "additional information" section on the application to explain the situation.

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If your school doesn’t make their clubs accessible to students of all economic backgrounds then consider talking to your administration. Since many clubs are student-initiated, the administration may not even realize this. Bringing this to the attention of your school could create positive change that benefits everyone. Furthermore, if you are successful, this would be a great topic for a college essay.

You could also start your own club. First, ask your self this question: “What do I really enjoy?” This way you can choose an extracurricular that you genuinely enjoy. You will have a better time, and it will strengthen your application because admissions officers will see your passion. Also, students who start their own clubs show leadership skills to admissions officers. This will increase your acceptance rate.

Outside of school, you can find other opportunities. Volunteers are always wanted at a variety of places. This gives you many options such as soup kitchens, shelters, nursing homes, blood drives, etc.

Another notable activity is a part-time job. Work experience can show motivation and initiative to admissions officers. You will also earn money, that if you want, you can choose to spend on various extracurricular activities. However, don’t spend money on extracurriculars that you don’t enjoy, it just isn’t worth it. (I know, I currently work two part-time jobs).

To conclude, here is a list of extracurricular activities you may not have thought of:

Assistant coach for a local youth sports team tutor of younger students in your favorite subject (this could also earn you some money)

Babysitting (this could also earn you some money)


A summer internship

Community theatre (oftentimes you can be in a play or in the tech crew for free; costumes are usually used so free as well)

Volunteer to help organize your local library a few times a month

School board student member (if your school district does this)

Hope this helps :) Have a great night!

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I recommend you try some volunteering. It s free. It shows you want to give back to your community and you care about others. There are great volunteers that are online so you won’t have to move from home. I am currently working on a volunteer wich is basically like teaching refugees languages or maths and science to help them. I just started teaching English to a refugee living in London with zero English. It is a great way to help. This volunteer is called Conexion cp. This is my mail if you want to be a part of this volunteer: msofiamunoz8@gmail.com

Good luck and ATB

6 months ago

Your background should not harm your admissions chances as other have said, but I do suggest getting involved with clubs out of school that you are INTERESTED in. Colleges take your passion into consideration, so maybe a volunteer group that focuses in what you like or a join/make a sports team.


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