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I'm considering applying to UC Berkeley, but my extracurriculars are seriously lacking. What could I do to improve?

I'm a junior in high school who's looking to improve their extracurriculars.

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3 years ago

Admissions officers like to see well-rounded students with a “spike” in one or two subjects. Your interests help guide your “spike.” Admissions officers especially look for passion. So choose an extracurricular that you genuinely enjoy. You will have a better time, and it will strengthen your application.

Are you good at a particular sport? Then I recommend becoming an assistant coach for a local kids team. Do you want to give back to your community? If yes, then try volunteering at a local soup kitchen. Are you free this summer? Apply for a summer internship. Do you currently have a part-time job? Pick up more shifts to show your devotion. Are you strong academically? Tutor younger students in your favorite subject. Does your school have a spirit week? Sign up to help student council prepare and advertise.

There are many extracurricular opportunities that you can pursue that are relevant to your interests. These are just a few suggestions. What matters most is that you are passionate about how you spend your time because your passion will shine through your college applications.

Hope this helps :) Have a great night!

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