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Benefits of exceptionally positive interviews?

So for the T10 schools I have been able to interview for (i.e. availability of alumni in my small-ish Southern state, which is scarce for T10s), they have all gone exceptionally well. One interview went double over the allotted time because of his interest in learning about my intellectual passions. Another interviewer said that I was his favorite he had done this year. Another said that his letter for the admissions committee was the highest recommendation he had ever written for an applicant.

Realistically, what benefits manifest from such positive interviews? Should I be marginally more hopeful of getting into these T10s, or should I keep my expectations in check?

As background, my CollegeVine Chance Me puts me at around a 20-30% chance for these T10s as a whole.

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2 years ago

That's great news. One thing you could do is check to see how much weight those interviews hold at those specific colleges. Since all of yours seem to have gone well, they can only help you -- but to what extent? It might take a bit of sleuthing around on the internet as this information may not be clear or available on those colleges' websites, but knowing how much weight these interviews hold may help you assess your chances. For example, Stanford interviews hold much less weight than do Harvard interviews. You can still get into Stanford with a terrible interview; if you are a competitive Harvard applicant then your interview can carry weight. Evidently, the value of interviews varies by school, so just stay positive and realistic. Best of luck to you.

2 years ago

First, congrats on doing so well on your interviews!! That's amazing feedback and you should feel really proud of yourself.

Second, I'd say to keep your expectations in check but rest assured that you gave it 100% of your effort! Having amazing interviews definitely can't hurt your chances, but these schools are still really competitive - so it's not a guaranteed advantage.

Third, it sounds like you're a talented candidate, hard working, and passionate - so be confident in yourself no matter what the outcomes are. Your college experience is truly what YOU make of it, and from what I can tell, you will do great no matter where you end up because you'll make the most of it!

Good luck and keep us all posted!!

2 years ago

It seems like you're just posting this question because you are nervous about your chances of getting into these schools and you want someone to reassure you.

These interviews are definitely good for your chances, but they are not a guarantee. Stay hopeful, but also make sure you are still keeping your grades up and applying to a good amount of safety schools.

Good luck! :)


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