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How to write my common app essays, extracurricular and other recommended essays with authenticity

I am in 12th grade


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3 years ago

The best advice I got was don't change how you write drastically because you think it will look better. For example if you usually add witty comments in your writing or naturally write in a more relaxed informal manner don't try to change your writing style suddenly. Of course there is a difference between showing your personality and being offensively causal, make sure it is still academically appropriate. Also counselors always say that after you finish reading your draft ask "so what?" What they mean by this is that after reading your essay what is the takeaway? Does it demonstrate your passion for the arts or helping your community? Does it tell them something about you they would not of known otherwise from your application?

The two biggest no-nos they said was turning your essay into a resume and writing about something that happened a long time ago. You can connect how a certain event in your life that brought you to something important now but don't focus your essay on the past. They want to see the person you are today to decide if you would fit in with the values of the school. As for turning your essay into a resume don't summarize your previous accomplishments.

To write a unique essay you need to take something most would overlook and demonstrate to them why to use it is special.

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