3 years ago
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Grade Fluctuation

Hello all!

It would be really helpful if you could shed some light on this situation.

My GPA during my freshman and sophomore year were near perfect, and my senior year is going on a similar track as well. However, my junior year (due to covid, online classes, and I switched to a way harder school), my GPA is around 3.

Since, I'm international, I've given a rough representation to the GPA to the best of my abilities.

Also I have a 36 ACT, decent ECs, and a couple of published research papers and internships ongoing. I'm working on the applications, with the essays, and I hope the app turns out fine.

Any suggestions or thoughts on its effects, would be super helpful!

Thanks in Advance!

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@saidsalah3 years ago

I am curious about those published research papers, what were they about?

@saidsalah3 years ago

I think they do take into consideration the level of difficulty of the courses you were enrolled in, maybe a proof of the rigorous reputation of your courses will work fine plus your GPA is just fine. If you are applying to highly selective schools, it won't matter this much compared to the essays and your story which makes you unique especially when you are an international student.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Mathsbama3 years ago

Ah cool, got it... Thanks a lot :)

@saidsalah3 years ago

I am glad it helped you, but was your research about, I am kind of curious, lol?

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1 answer

3 years ago

There are going to be tons of students with transcripts which look similar to yours. Whatever grade they were in when covid-19 hit will probably be obvious because of a dip in grades, no test scores, maybe Pass/Fail grades instead of a letter grade, limited ECs, etc. It's tough to say the exact impact it will have on chances but I would hope admission officers would be a bit understanding. It looks like you have a lot of other strong aspects in your profile for your application so I would try not to worry too much.

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