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Okay, when I turn 18 I want to move to Georgia, and I live in North Dakota right now. When I go to move I won't have any financial support.... would it be a good idea to take out a loan just to help you out and get settled or is it better to stay in North Dakota for a while and earn money?... (REALLY don't want to do )

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Hey—just wanted to say that this probably is not the best place to ask this kind of question. Most of the users on this forum are students, and those that aren't (like me) still aren't financial advisors; we're just college counselors or teachers. Because we're not financial advisors, it would actually be illegal for us to give you financial advice, which is why I can't say whether taking a loan out would be a good idea to help you move. I'm also not sure if you're moving to Georgia for college purposes or just in general, but in either case I think you need to find and talk to someone who's experienced and licensed to provide financial advice.

Now, if you are moving to Georgia for college specifically and will not be receiving any financial support from your parents or family, I would try and take whatever steps you can take to be recognized as a financially independent student (guidelines for that are here: https://www.fastweb.com/financial-aid/articles/federal-financial-aid-and-the-independent-student). That would give you greater access to financial aid, and, if you're working, would give you less of a tax burden (because your parents wouldn't get extra money back from their taxes for having you as a dependent). For more detailed info on that, I would also try to get in touch with some kind of financial advisor who can give you real, informed advice—not some random people on the internet.

2 years ago

I don’t know which is better. But if I had to make a choice. I would stay and save money.

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