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What can I do about my GPA to increase my chances of getting in to a good school?

My ACT score is a 30 going into my senior year but my GPA is under 2.75, is there anything I can do to increase my chances of getting into top schools?

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4 months ago

First I would consider why it is low. Is it because you genuinely struggled or you didn't try very hard? If it was from a lack of effort I would try honors and a couple of AP classes if possible as they have a heavier weight for GPA, but they do because they are more difficult so only try if you know you can do well. Secondly, even if your academics could use some work you could still get into selective schools if the rest of your profile is A+. So i would focus on improving your EC's over the Summer and if needed get a tutor for classes you struggle in. Also start working on your essay so it can be amazing for the fall. I was told multiple times but admissions counselors that while a bad/basic essay won't break your chances a great one will definitely help you. Good Luck!


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