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I'm a rising senior and am looking to major in biomedical sciences or biochemistry(eventually get into the medical field). My stats and courseload are pretty strong, however, my EC's are relatively weak as I have had trouble finding some related to my future major, primarily due to COVID. What are some pre-med EC examples that I can look into?

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7 months ago

Hi. I understand that circumstances have been quite restricting. However, you can take advantage of them perhaps. You may want to begin shadowing a doctor per se or exhibit and explore some of your own authentic research. Internships may assist in boosting your college applications as well. These outlined options are relatively a few apropos of pursuing a medical field track; there are several other opportunities you might want to take advantage of. I hope this helps; have a great day.

7 months ago

I'd say try to find research opportunities near you and check if your local hospital has any intership or volunteer program that you can participate in. College Vine has an article on this as well:https://blog.collegevine.com/extracurriculars-for-high-schoolers-interested-in-studying-medicine/

That will probably help more. Good luck!!


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