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Yup, I think they're pretty good. I actually couldn't pick b/w business or computer science (ended up with CS) a lot of your extracurriculars are definitely related to finance and business because they show a lot of leadership positions, and are directly related as well. Is it good enough for finance or business at Wharton, yeah I think your extracurriculars are pretty good although its definitely not a guarantee it can’t be for any set of extracurriculars but you can try to make sure to model the in a way to show experience and interest (make sure to keep your stats up too!), but make sure you have something to show for these activities for example- trading I personally raised money for charity by partnering up with a start-up and mainly directing all the donations towards options and other derivatives it worked great and gave a lot of insight and experience! in case you weren’t able to secure an internship or shadowing other options could be making a crypto bot using data algorithms since you have knowledge in coding you could easily get training data sets for crypto and make modifications to them to match your domain of interest. Another idea could be making a forecasting website relating to any topic of your choice and use the revenue for trading etc. the choices are endless since coding is a really powerful tool to combine with finance hope it helped good luck.


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