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Subjects I should take as a senior in high school

Hi! I am starting my senior year in high school, and I'm confused about my subject choices. As an international student, do I have to take English as a subject in school? Or would it be enough if I just take the TOEFL test?

I really love writing and I do a lot of it, so if I'm leaning towards being an English major in college, do I need to take English in school? I'm still undecided about my major though. I might actually go with business rather than english. So will I need English in high school if I'm becoming an English major and will I need it if I'm becoming a business major?

P.S. I've been taking English as a class in school from grade 1. I don't like our English paper pattern this year, so I'm considering opting out.

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For most international students an English proficiency test is required so I think you would have to take it regardless. As for taking the class since I don't know how it works in your school I don't know how to help there. I suggest looking up the recommended credits of subjects for the schools you like. For example I plan on applying mainly to liberal arts colleges, most of them recommend one arts credit even though that subject is not required to graduate.

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Depending on your school you will likley need at minimum 3 years of high school English. Though international students may permit for a smaller amount. However for domestic its by far typically 4 years. I don't know how the TOEFL and other English tests are factored so consider communicating with schools directly about their course requirements.

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Hello! So I'm not sure about your school but my school requires all 4 years of English class in order to graduate, so make sure you know what the graduation requirements are for your high school. And a word of advice that I've gotten from many of my teachers is to not slack off senior year and continue on taking core classes because a year w/o one of them will probably throw you off track...

Maybe consider taking AP Lit (if your school provides it) in order to get a better sense of English at the college level. You still have time to decide your major, so don't worry. Maybe look at double majoring or taking a minor!

I hope my advice helps!


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