3 years ago
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I want to study in USA but I am from Europe

Hello!I am from Romania but i want to study at a music/arts college in US. Unfortunately I dont have any siblings or friends there to gain information from so I wish you could give me some advice.. What can i do to receive a free tuition because my parent cant afford to throw such a huge amount of money on my '' education'' Another problem is I dont study well through these highschool years, my mind and my soul are completely in another universe and basically my parents had been forcing me since I was a young child to go to a college. If it was for me, I wouldnt do any college because if someone is born with talent at something why spend best years of life in a prisom?😐 I dont know how is the procedure in US.. They look after your grades or your gift.. if they look for grades im already dead haha

Sorry for this long message, I really want you to answer me and i wish u happy Monday xoxohttps://tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.570975f27f1c2997f68d7e87a41fe8a4&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fimages.uncyc.org%2fpt%2fb%2fbf%2fBach_guitar.gif&ehk=WYQKgVBr1GeWBvRDldfGnNeWjn%2fmpOM7ivoGiFpyzZE%3d

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3 years ago

So no school offers free tution bar extreme cases your best bet would be to apply to 100 need met schools.

Typically you need to get a student visa which is beyond my non existent paygrade lol then you essentially apply using the normal methods but you will more than likely require a English test such as TOEFL.

Though please note if you don't want to go to college don't. Its not for everyone and trade schools are a legitimate career path. Though if you do you need a healthy GPA. Though being from eastern Europe they may allow for a lower gpa to get more geographical diversity.

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