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Does taking online courses (Coursera, edX) count?

So my school offers AP Psychology, but I've heard from many students and teachers that the teacher that teaches that course isn't good. I want to take online courses in subjects that I might be interested in throughout the summer. I'm going to audit them, meaning I will be able to view the course free, but I won't receive a certificate for completing the course. I want to know if that could count for a course and if it could count in college admissions or volunteering opportunities that require a base knowledge in psychology/other subjects. And would these courses would be a good thing to spend my time on during the summer or should I look for more in-person volunteering opportunities?


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4 months ago

Yes, it could count. If you tell the colleges why you took it and how it affected you as a person. If you're taking the course for sincere interest, go ahead. It wouldn't be any harm to take the free course. You could mention it somewhere in your essay or somewhere else.


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