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Will my downward spiraling grade cause top colleges to consider less of my application?

Throughout my freshman and sophomore year, I have been a straight-A student; however, during my junior year, I had some difficult teachers and constant changes from remote school to in-person school and back, which caused me to get a B in ap bio first semester and a Bs in both ap bio and ap calc ab the second semester. I want to apply as a biomedical engineering major at Duke and other competitive universities such as MIT and Georgia Tech this fall. How bad will this impact how college admission officers view my application like will they reject me because of it?

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6 months ago

Hi! While I am not an expert with Ivies and Elite schools, what I can tell you is that schools UNDERSTAND the difficulties of the past 2 years on grades. I would not consider Bs in AP courses as down spiraling, because they are still a 4.0 on the weighted scale. I would not stress over the decrease, but rather use the boxes in the application about the impact of Covid to explain your situation. I hope this helps!


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