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Can I put track and field on my extracurricular list?

I started track and field this spring season, but I am not sure if I was able to say I was part of the team. In the first 4 weeks, I was there every day, but then I started to get busy because of school, work, and other activities and only came a couple of days a week, like once or twice. I have went to a couple of meets and competed and a lot of practices, but I feel like I wasn't there most of the time, could I still say I was part of it. The season has ended, but I plan on doing track in the fall as well, should I plan on doing that.

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@corndogkid035 months ago

Of course! Track and Field is a wonderful activity to include in your extracurricular list. It shows dedication and various other professional real world skills. I would definitely recommend that you include this activity if you are deeply passionate about Track or spent quality time on it and improving yourself. For sure try to bring up the importance of Track in your life.

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5 months ago

Yes of course you can list it as an extracurricular.


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