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Is psychology too popular of a major?

I really love psychology, but it seems like it's becoming one of the most common majors chosen...would that hinder me in any way? Also, I know of a couple different branches of psychology, but does anyone have a list they could share....I'm more interested in Social than Clinical if that helps, but anything mildly related interests me. What are some of my options?

@Melokenzie7 months ago

I intend on majoring in psyche so I know how you feel. I know it feels like everyone is majoring in psyche these days but there are tons you can do with it. I for example want to work in criminal justice. Not something you would think of right? There are tons of branches and different jobs so don't stress on it. Once you attend a school their counselors can help you narrow down what exactly you can do to go down a specific route you like within psyche.

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Thank you!!

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7 months ago

No, it shouldn't hinder you in any way. There are a bunch of possible career options for you but the ones most involved with psychology will require a masters or doctorate degree.

Some ideas:

- Industrial and Organizational Psychologist

- Special education teacher

- Professor (you would also conduct/publish research most likely)

- Research Psychologist

- Marketing

- Human Resources

- Political Campaigns

- Social Work


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