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I am a rising senior in an Early College and I have a 4.0 Unweighted GPA which is pretty good but when it comes to taking tests I don't do so well. I studied before taking the ACT but once the test started I forgot everything I studied for and in the end my composite score was a 26. My math score was a 33, Science was 26, English was an 18 and reading was a 26. Do colleges like NYU or UNC Chapel Hill care more about GPA or ACT?

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5 months ago

Hi! I just graduated this past year so I applied to colleges when these scores weren't required (I still submitted them). In general, most colleges look more at what you did in 4 years rather than what you did during a 4 hour test. I would recommend taking the ACT again to see if you can get higher scores on the sections you feel you didn't do well on - most colleges superscore! Good luck!


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