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I have a few extracurriculars and Im still working on boosting them, but what are some ways that I can get more involved and increase my ECs? Im especially interested in volunteering, music, and politics. (I will be a high school sophomore in fall 2021)

5 months ago

What do you want to major in? I think if you provide what you want to study in college people will be able to suggest more relevant ECs.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@aasthakkashyap5 months ago

I want to major in Political Science and/or Government. Thanks for the feedback!

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5 months ago

OK, for your interest in politics and since you want to major in political science/government I'd recommend checking out this article: https://blog.collegevine.com/extracurriculars-for-high-schoolers-interested-in-studying-political-science/.

I agree with @kkedhar about looking into activist organizations as well. Whether you want to join one and try to get on the board for the local chapter (politics), help them organize or run events (volunteering), or raise awareness for them through your music, all are great ideas.

Finally, in terms of volunteering. Think of other interests you might have or causes which are meaningful to you. Look for organizations which are involved in those causes and see if you're able to volunteer. You could organize simple community events like a trash clean-up (and hold it more than once) to brighten your community. Don't worry about if people don't join right away - start with getting friends and family to help. Stay persistent and your work will get noticed, people will join, and you will be helping to brighten up your community. Consider libraries, schools, retirement homes, etc. as you could probably find something at one of those.

5 months ago

I'd get involved with some activist organizations and organize events like concerts to raise awareness. Your interests are pretty similar to some of mine and that's what I have been doing; I'd recommend getting involved in your local music scene and making connections so you could set up benefit concerts and stuff like that.


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