4 years ago
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Why did they change CollegeVine?

It's so hard to use now. What do you guys think of the update?

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@fsoikin4 years ago [edited]

Could you clarify which specific update you're talking about here?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Sad-Little-Worm4 years ago

like when you search a school there's tiled pictures and a little side column with information instead of taking you right to the school page.

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4 years ago[edited]

Hey @Sad-Little-Worm,

We're sorry to hear that you’re having trouble, but really appreciate you writing in! Luckily, we are working on a feature that should make it easier to access specific school pages from the “Find schools” tile page.

Until then, you can always find the school page you’re looking for by doing any of the following:

1. When in “Find schools,” click on the school name in the right-hand panel. This will bring you right to the school page for that school!

2. Search for the school you're interested in using the search bar at the very top of your "College list" page (https://app.collegevine.com/schools/lists)

3. Visit any school page (example: https://app.collegevine.com/schools/a63f1e58-a2ca-499e-a332-55802d4ca33e) and use the search bar at the top to change schools!

Thanks for asking your question! Please don't hesitate to reach out again if you have more questions!

2/10/2020 update:

Financial Aid Calculator (Still Live):

- Make sure you fill out Profile >> Financial Profile (https://app.collegevine.com/profile/finances/intro-questions)

- Visit the school page that you’re interested in and click the “Costs and Scholarships” tab: (Example: https://app.collegevine.com/schools/1bfefe30-2a71-4a8b-acef-ad3fdd7726f0/finances)

Estimated Hours of Effort (Still Live):

- You can find this on each school's page under the “Overview” tab, in the “Details” section, in the second box

- Seniors can also find their total application effort on their College List page

Group Chats (Removed):

- These were taken down because there weren’t many students using chat after December, which meant that the few students who WERE still chatting weren’t getting responses, sadly. We are working on a way to improve the chat experience and would love to bring it back soon!

Similar Profiles (Removed for most schools):

These are down for most schools (temporarily) as we work on bringing in better data to match and display similar profiles. Stay tuned!

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