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What extracurriculars do colleges care about?

I have a 4.0 GPA and will have 5-6 AP classes and 4 Honors classes on my transcripts by graduation. I do not think this would get me into my reach schools (Harvard, Yale, and Columbia), but, being a senior, there is not much I can do to change that. So, I'm currently working on improving other areas of my application. I'm working on improving my ACT score and my personal essays. But, I need some advice for what extra curriculars to get involved in that will make a difference on my application. I am currently a Geometry tutor, NHS member (possibly President, if I get elected), and a regular volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. Plus, I studied under a voice coach during my sophomore year. Thoughts?

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5 months ago

I think you have a solid profile as is but there is always room for improvement. I think you have the right idea working on your essays and EC's. My suggestion is improving the ones you already have. Maybe you could try tutoring more hours or with multiple organizations, and you could try to get more responsibility at the crisis center or simply spend more time there to show your commitment. If anything I would say add a few non serious ones that you simply think are fun like join an art program if you like art or take some salsa lessons. Don't just do thinks that you like and will make you look good but make sure you also do things simply because you enjoy it.

People always ask what will make them look good, while being a member of NHS will definitely do that admissions counselors can tell when someone it only in it for the recognition.


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