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Target SAT score

I'm taking the SAT again this October when I will be a senior. My question is what should be my target score to be a competitive applicant? I have a 4.0 UWGPA, 6 AP classes and 10 Honors, but my EC's leave a lot to be desired. I'm applying to Smith, Wellesley, UPenn, and Boston University. Suggestions?


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5 months ago

The respondent's answer is slightly outdated.

For U Penn you want a 1500-1560.

For Smith you want a 1350-1490

For Wellesley you want a 1370-1510

For Boston U you want a 1430-1540

From U Pen Almanac 5/11/2021

"The University of Pennsylvania adopted a test-optional policy with regard to standardized tests for the 2020-2021 application cycle. Twenty-six percent of the regular decision admitted students did not include testing as part of their application. For the admitted students including testing in their application, the middle 50% testing ranges are 1500-1560 on the SAT and 34-36 on the ACT. "

I pulled the other mid 50% stats from their respective latest "common data sets".

Good luck

5 months ago

The average score on the 1600 scale for each of your schools is:

UPenn: 1500 (700-760 Reading and Writing, 750-800 Math)

Smith: 1430

Wellesley: 1425 (Reading and Writing 680-750, Math 680-780)

Boston U: 1420 (Reading and Writing 650-720, Math 690-790)


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