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Should I take the classes?

Since I read the social science program at my school, I only have 2 math courses and 1 science course. I live in Sweden btw, where we choose programs and not courses. Also, our high school is 3 years and not 4. Your 9th grade is considered middle school in Sweden

I have the option of taking more math courses and science courses and reading them online. However, these are my absolute worst subjects, so would it be worth taking them but only getting like a C (I think it would equal a C in the US)? It would pull down my GPA a bit if I took them and only got Cs (which is what I would get, trust me).

This is the classes I have taken and was required for my program:

2 math courses

1 science course

3 English courses

5 foreign language courses

13 social science courses

1 P.E course

1 law course

1 senior thesis essay on genocide and xenophobia

I want to major in political science, if that makes any difference, and I do have great grades in my social science courses and language courses.


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5 months ago

Hey @Annafrodo!

From the list you've shared, it looks like you've taken some really great and challenging classes across a variety of subject areas. Unless the additional math and science courses are necessary, I'd suggest taking at least one math or science as it may give you some advanced skills or look better academically on your applications as a political science applicant.

However, if you don't feel too confident with how you'll perform or feel like taking these courses will significantly lower your GPA, you've already done a really great job challenging yourself in some of your course choices.

I hope this helps! Best of luck!


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