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How do i double major and want schools of double major in finance or economics - applied math

how do i double major and do ivy league schools offer that

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You can do a true double major at UPenn, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, and Yale. Each of these has different requirements, so at Dartmouth, you might have to submit coursework plans and get that approved while at others you pick your major(s) after your 3rd semester.

Princeton and Harvard do not have double majors. And at Columbia, you can take a double major however like Princeton and Havard, there is a major Thesis requirement so you will have to write (2) senior thesis' at Columbia to graduate. This may impact graduating on time because you will have to take X more classes to fulfil a 2nd major. My dad's friend did a Double Degree at Columbia and attended the FU school of engineering and Columbia College concurrently and graduated in 4.5 years.


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