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What schools did you get accepted to?

I was wondering how many of you got accepted into schools that collegevine had at a very low percentage of acceptance. My dream school is brown and my collegevine says 9-19% so I was wondering if I should even bother applying.


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3 years ago

I was accepted to Columbia University and my range was 37-47 at the time I applied. I got rejected by MIT 34-44 and Stanford 36-46 and Yale 34-44. I understand the MIT decision because I'm not a STEM person and didn't take physics or advanced maths either. I might apply to grad school there for something like Comparative Media Studies.

So my advice to you is to work on improving your ECs, test scores, etc to get your range up 10 points. Also, apply to more reaches and hard targets. It might be a pain to write so many applications and essays but the more you apply to, you improve your odds of getting into 1 one of them.

So if Brown is your TOP, then I probably wouldn't bother applying to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Columbia because those admit rates are 3.43, 3.98, 4.62, and 3.67 respectively. I would recommend applying to Dartmouth, Cornell, and UPenn since they are closer to Brown in admit rates.

And since Brown is the most liberal arts-focused, no-core curriculum Ivy, I would also look for schools that have the same vibe. I really liked Williams, Hamilton, Vassar, Colgate, Trinity, Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Haverford, Swarthmore as well.

Where I live on the West Coast, a great small college is near me called Reed College which is where Steve Jobs went. It's super chill and you can take whatever classes you are interested in and there are "NO" grades. You can, however, requested to see them if you choose but that gives its students a stress-free environment to thrive. They also have one of the smallest on-campus nuclear reactors as well

Good luck.

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