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Is it better to volunteer at multiple places as opposed to just a few places?

When volunteering, is it better to volunteer at a variety of places or is it fine to volunteer at even just one? Does it really matter which place you volunteer at as long as you get the hours?


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4 months ago


@OrangeJuice I would recommend for you stick to fewer places which you are really interested in and show your out most passion while you are volunteering for them. Try to gain different experience, contribute ideas to help the organisation you are working with. I don’t really know if it matters how many hours you have volunteered but I personally feel how was your experience and what did you contribute are the questions right there.

4 months ago

Colleges are looking for people who want to serve their communities, and are not just appearing to be "checking boxes." Being able to have a narrative arc (looking to be a vet, volunteering at shelters, is an obvious one) and really showing dedication is more valuable than shallowly bouncing through several places.


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