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Awards for Wharton (UPenn)

I'm an international student considering applying to Wharton School of Upenn. I'm in my freshman year which is the right time to participate in competitive competitions and gain awards. Can anyone please suggest some highly recognised/competitive awards which will make one stand out from the rest of the students applying?

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4 months ago

To start, consider joining some of these ECs - you're most likely not going to be able to start winning awards right away so these can help get your started. From there you can figure out what you like and try to go further with those ECs. https://blog.collegevine.com/extracurriculars-for-high-schoolers-interested-in-studying-business/

If your school has clubs shoot for leadership roles in them. If they don't have any clubs see what you can do to get some started - that also shows initiative and leadership. If you can get an internship or do meaningful volunteer work for a company/organization that's good as well. Aim for places that relate to your intended major/career path and ask if they are looking for any interns/help. It can be a lot of work but you have lots of time ahead of you to get going on it.


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