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Does a high school full scholarship matter when you apply to college?

Hi! I really need help. I was about to transfer from my school right now to Southville International Colleges (in the Philippines; I am Filipino) so that I could get a more international experience and have students who are on the same page as I am (a.k.a. those who are also planning to study abroad like in the US). But recently, my current school just offered a full scholarship (100%). Now, I'm torn as to whether I should transfer or not. Can someone give me some advice if it would be an edge if I was a scholar in my junior year? Or does it not matter at all? Also, do students from international schools have a better shot at getting into colleges abroad or not? Would appreciate responses. Thank you!

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What do you mean by "if I was a scholar in my junior year"? Like a scholar at the new school you want to attend? I don't think it's going to matter if you were offered a scholarship at your current school but it would also depend on why you got the scholarship. If it's because of some awesome accomplishment or award then it might matter but if it's because of financial reasons it probably won't matter.

And to be honest I'm not sure if students from international schools have a better shot at getting into colleges or not. I'll try to find an answer on that for you. In general though if you aren't a US citizen or if you don't have your green card it will be more difficult for you to be accepted. This is because the percentage of international students who are admitted into schools is obviously smaller the percentage of domestic students so you're competing for a smaller number of spots and potentially competing against just as strong of competition.

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