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How to get into top universities from india?

My name is Snigdha .I am in 11th grade right now .and I will be graduating high school in the year 2023.I have a GPA of 4.0 and the subjects that I took are maths,physics and chemistry .I want to get into ivies and ucs but I don't have sufficient extracurricular activities .I hope you can help me with them.I didn't take my sat yet.I will take them in December 2021.And I even need help with my essays.

Thank you.

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4 months ago

Since you are still in your 11 grade, how is your GPA even calculated so early? Also, if you are an Indian applicant, which puts you in the international student criteria, ucs do not give financial aid and a little to no amount of scholarships. You might want to research more, but if you have sufficient money for your bachelors then you might want to try. Also, ecs are just as important as your academics. So, do you have no ecs at all?


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