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Can you be assured of scholarships before you confirm your admission to a college?


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4 months ago

Honestly, you are truly such a good student and can get 1500+ SAT or 35+ ACT scores to submit, I wouldn't be applying to any of those schools except the Univ. of Richmond. Why? Most of the admits have lower stats than you and you might find yourself in a diversity, inclusion, and equity desert with very few people like you there.

If I were your college consultant I would apply to these schools instead.

HARD REACH SCHOOLS (Up to 6 to 8 of these)

Columbia University in the City of NY

Harvard College in MA

Stanford University in CA

Dartmouth College in NH

Duke University in NC

Princeton in NJ

Yale in CT


Northwestern in IL

UChicago in IL

REACH SCHOOLS (About 3 or 4 of these)

Amherst College in MA

Wesleyan University in CT

Williams College in MA

Swarthmore College in PA

Pomona College in CA

TARGET/HARD TARGET SCHOOLS (About 3 or 4 of these)

Skidmore College in NY

Colgate University in NY

Davidson College in NC

Vassar College in NY

U of Richmond in VA

Hamilton College in NY

Reed College in OR

Middlebury College in VT

Connecticut College in CT

SAFETY (1 or 2 of these)

Berea College in KY

Whitman College in WA

Trinity College in CT

Each of these schools has a high reputation for teaching excellence and can be a great launching pad for applying to graduate programs if you decide to continue with your education in a specialized area like medicine, business, law, or STEM.

You can find more detailed information on their respective websites and many of them have youtube videos for virtual campus tours and some even have videos for financial aid as well.

Good luck

4 months ago

You will know what they are offering for aid after the school has made a decision on if you are accepted or not but before you have to decide if you want to attend the school or not. Essentially it goes 1) school makes a decision (accepted or not) 2) school sends aid package if you were admitted 3) you decide which school to attend by May 1st.

And as @CameronBameron mentioned, the schools on their list will most likely be much more generous with their aid if you are accepted.


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