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To go or not to go?

So I recently won this writing award for National Colonial Dames of America to got the Washington DC to visit all sorts of places. However, it is scheduled on a week where Youth and Government hosts CONA. The trip is next year, and I am doing CONA this year but also plan to do it again next year. I want to do both things but I am not sure what to do. If I decide not to go, can I still tell colleges I won that award even though I am giving someone else an oppurtunity to go to DC? Will this look bad?

@corndogkid034 months ago

Yes, and you can describe your values and purpose of passing on the opportunity to another student. And why you considered CONA over the trip.

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4 months ago

Yes, like @corndogkid03 said, you can (and should) tell colleges you won the award. Just make sure you carefully consider which event to attend and make sure you are able to provide your reasoning behind attending one over the other.


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