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What Extra curriculars help a student stand out when applying to ivy league schools?

Grade 8 preparing for highschool and want to be ahead of the game.

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I know people make it seems that schools like Harvard or Yale need you to be on every academic team in your school to be admitted, that's not the case. Ivy League schools do bred intellectuals, but their main goal is to bred LEADERS, and that is something I feel like so many people. The Ivy colleges are looking to make the next generation of leaders, so leadership and community is a really big ideal to them.

So, I would suggest clubs or sports that inspire leadership and/or a sense of community:

1. Student Council - I know it might sound cliché, but things are cliché for a reason. Being on student council shows that you have a sense of responsibility and duty, and that you want to improve the lives and atmosphere of your school.

2. Do Some Sports - Not everyone is cut for sports, and that's okay, but if you really do have a liking to a certain sport, do it! Not only will you be doing what you like, but you'll be making new friends, and getting a sense of community out of it.

3. Community Service - Another cliché, but it's true: Ivy Leagues want kids who will give back to the college that they got their amazing education from, so why wouldn't they enroll kids who already have a track record for volunteering and helping the community? Plus, it's super rewarding, so that's an added plus.

4. Become Leader/Captain of Some Organization - Honestly: try to become the leader of some club or sport: math team, track team, Science Bowl, whatever, just become the leader of something you like and are passionate about. Colleges are going to be impressed when they see that you have the guts and the courage to be able to lead a group of people.

5. Get an Internship - Getting a summer internship or position in a field you are interested shows colleges that school isn't the only place that you are looking for to further your education. Plus, it gives you real-world experience about the field you want to go into, so that's cool.

Side note: I know we're talking about Extracurriculars, but don't overwork yourself. Like I said earlier, you can't join every club in school. Your number #1 priority in high school is ALWAYS going to be your grades, so make sure you work hard. Getting into an Ivy is hard, but it's not impossible: just work hard, push yourself, and you will get there.

-Hope this helps!

3 years ago

There is not a specific list of extracurricular activities that help students standout. The majority of the admissions process is identifying your interest and what you enjoy. So just enjoy 8th grade and 9th grade and even 10th grade by trying new things that you may enjoy. Then stick with it!

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