3 years ago
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How do i make investing a extraccuricular that means something

I am already taking online courses related to it

also currently managing a portfolio of stocks

is reading an what going on in the market article good then taking vocab notes good

and reading investing/economic related books good to make the extracurricular be good or meaning ful


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a year ago[edited]

It's great to learn more about investing, especially since I want to learn all the ins and outs of it. Lately, blockchain has caught my attention. And I found a source that can help me with this https://evacodes.com/competencies/blockchain/defi/ I began to understand this and understand how everything works. And so it is important to find quality help in this.

2 years ago

I think that taking the online courses and managing a portfolio are meaningful activities to do. Reading articles and books is not as strong, however, since neither activity makes a tangible impact in the world. I recommend replacing these with:

- Starting an investment club at your school. You could teach others about investing and run an investment competition with simulated accounts. You could even pool together real money to invest, and then send earnings to a non-profit.

- Starting your own investment fund. Ideally, it will be a values-based fund that invests in green tech, women-owned businesses, etc.

- Teaching underserved students in your area about investing. You could start a scholarship that awards the winner with a brokerage account and free investment advising.

These are just a few ideas that focus on making a positive impact. Hope this helps!

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