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I am a rising junior and since it is summer I finally have time to start a passion project and work on building my college application. However, I have no idea where to start for a passion problem, and all of the people that I see online are expensive. I would like to try to build it on my own but need a place to start. I feel that once I will start up my passion project, I can create a path of where I want to go for my college application and build other extracurriculars and classes around it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a passion project that is based on careers in psychology, law, or business?

Any suggestions would be amazing! Thank you!


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6 months ago


-starting a mental health hotline

-starting an online free peer therapy group

-write a psych book


-Intern w congress

-Poli Sci blog

-Start a nonprofit that teaches kids about law


-Start a business

-Start a marketing firm

-Make a 'Girls in Business' Society in your city.

Hope these helped!

6 months ago

Passion projects from your way of thinking is a misnomer in my opinion. A passion project is usually an extra circular relating to your major.

Some extra circulars could be starting some sort of school club. Interning at a local business, some sort of blog and this may be a reach especially if you’re a city kid but I THINK some rural counties would let you help out thier courthouse. I’m a city kid and I can’t confirm this but I remembering hearing that from somewhere. I can’t remover where but it may be worth looking into


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