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Apply as Permanent resident or International student

Hi, I'm a transfer student from Korea who started attending an American high school since Junior grade last year. Sadly, due to the pandemic, I wasn't able to build my extracurriculars much in the US other than participating in school clubs. Thankfully, I do have some national awards back in Korea and some internships here for state-level politicians. However, my GPA on my transcript is 3.73 and my SAT is 1530. I am planning to take five APs in my senior year, making it a total of seven APs that I took until graduation. Should I just apply as an international student or as a permanent resident in this case for better chances of getting into Brown University?

@Melokenzie3 years ago

If you are permanently living here for now I think you would need to apply as domestic. I'm not 100% sure but it should be easier as int. students often have more application requirements like an English fluency test (not what it is actually called but you get the point). Additionally domestic students have access to more scholarships and funding.

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3 years ago

I can't tell if you're a permanent citizen or not from your post but I'm not sure this is a situation where you can just decide to apply one way or another. You are either a US citizen/permanent US resident or you are not. If you are legally a US citizen or have your green card then you will apply as a US citizen. If you aren't a US citizen or don't have your green card then you need to apply as an international student.

If you have dual citizenship with both Korea and the US then you should still apply as a US resident. Your chances will improve applying as a US resident, costs of many schools will be lower, and you will be eligible for more financial aid compared to if you applied as an international student.

Hope this helps!

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