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Community college good for international student

I'm an international student. I planned to do my undergraduate in community college since its cheap and comes under my budget . After 2years of studying in community college, im planning to do my masters in good university . Is my decision is good?

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3 years ago

So yes, it's a good idea in theory but you won't be able to go from community college right to getting your masters. Community college is a great way to save money and figure out what you want to do before committing lots of time and money to a 4 year college. After finishing 2 years at community college many students typically transfer to a 4 year school to get their Bachelors degree but it's not always necessary depending on what you want to do. So after CC you apply to 4 year programs at a university, attend for 2 years, THEN you should have your bachelor degree. After you have your bachelors is when you can apply for your Masters.

3 years ago

I would further state that if you do your research properly into Community Colleges you might notice that some CCs are better suited for transferring into high profile State Universities than others. For example here in Oregon, just because you attend CC doesn't mean you will have a place to land once you finish and graduate. But in California for example, certain CCs like Santa Monica College have known feeder schools into UCLA which is a Top 20 College in the US. So if you attend SMC, and do well, your chances of getting admitted into UCLA go up exponentially versus other community colleges. SMC has both the UCLA TAP program and the TAG program which almost guarantees to transfer into other UC universities and other private colleges. I don't know the details but I've included some links so you can decide if this is the right fit for you and your family.



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