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Why are my extracurriculars not good enough?

I do quite a lot for the average person in my school (most don't do any extracurriculars). However, when I use the chancing simulator it says that my extracurriculars aren't that great. I am in several leadership positions and it's just genuinely confusing. I am, according to college vine, on tier E for mock trial as I am the president of my mock trial team. I am on tier F for aevidum as I am the club's secretary. I'm on tier I for a community service club which means that I led a community service project. And I'm on Tier J for two different clubs which indicates that I'm just a regular member. I need advice I am not sure if my extracurriculars are actually that good. If you guys don't think they're that great can you please give me any tips as to what I could do to make them better?


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4 months ago

One piece of advice I can give is to focus on becoming involved in your community rather than just your school. Maybe take on some volunteer or leadership positions at local nonprofit organizations, or maybe you should work a job outside of school. Hundreds of students are in numerous leadership positions in their clubs, so it is important to distinguish yourself.

Also, it is important to show colleges that you are passionate in one or two areas rather than being well-rounded. From your extracurricular list, I can't tell if you are interested in law, community service, or are interested in mental health. Does that make sense?

4 months ago

For elite schools (sub 25% admit rate) you’d typically need at least 1 preferably 2 things greater than F tier and then 4-5 F tier things to have somewhere between good ECs for that school and excellent. Though I have to note that academics are always more important than ECs so it does cover some slack so to speak but ECs at top tier schools should be around F tier. For example I have strong ECs at Columbia and I have 6 F 1 E 1 G.


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