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What to do to improve application as a senior?

I'm a rising senior this year and I'm a little worried about my resume. The schools I'm applying to are highly competitive (though I have good safety schools as well). What are some steps I can take to improve my application? What extracurriculars are most impressive?

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@liberosisgreen4 months ago

From a fellow rising senior who is also panicking: at this point, I don't think there's much we can do to improve our applications via extracurriculars because it's important to show sustained involvement. If possible, you could run for a leadership position in a club you're in. I'd focus on making your essays as good as possible and improving standardized test scores if you think you could get a competitive score.

@pickles224 months ago

I think that taking the act/sat score is a really good option that is available to you. Admissions officers are heavily biased so you should take the exam anyways (and if its good submit it, if not then don't). You can also find volunteering opportunities online and unpaid internships that may help with your extracurriculars list. In terms of resume Im not sure what you mean by that but if you mean jobs, you can volunteer to get a job at your local library.

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4 months ago

Hi! Definitely try to volunteer in your community. I recommend at least 50 hours before you graduate. Also get involved in some clubs, especially honor societies. At my school there is Interact club sponsored by Rotary, and that looks very good on a resume. You could start up a new club, or take on some leadership roles as well.

4 months ago

You should try by doing community services mainly but if that's not possible due to the pandemic then try participating in more extra curricular activities or like join any clubs. It definitely helps to improve your application.

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