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My school has a 7pt grading scale instead of the classic 10pt which means a class that I get a 84 in is a C but a class I get an 85 in is a B. I got an 81 in precalc which means I got a C. I am currently planning on retaking it. A: Is taking it a good idea? B: If I don't swap out of it how is the best to communicate I got an 80% C? I want to go into STEM/Business so its fairly critical I get a good grade in it. However, if I get an A the A and C will both be listed but the C will not factor into my GPA. My UWGPA is 3.7 and I am looking at the likes of Rice as a long-reach WilliamMary as a hard target and Baylor as safety per the chancing engine.


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4 months ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! The ultimate grading scale that your high school uses won't have a dramatic effect on your admissions chances because the schools you are applying to will be provided the grading scale of your high school as well as statistics about the average GPA at your school.

That being said, unfortunately there is no going back to change your grades in Calc class. Retaking it won't remove that grade from your transcript or allow it to be recalculated in anyway. My recommendation is to continue taking the classes that you are passionate about (it seems STEM and business related) and try to overcome the lower GPA from one class. Realistically one bad grade is not going to be incredibly detrimental to your overall GPA. If you want to focus on improving your GPA, it's important to know that colleges like students who have an upwards trend in their grades across the four years of high school, so you aren't necessarily in a terrible position right now.

Hope this helps!


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